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Signs & Solutions of Sensitive Skin

Signs & Solutions of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is not a disease that a doctor can diagnose. That’s it often a symptom of another condition. You may not even know you have it sensitive skin until it reacts negatively to cosmetic products, such as soap, moisturizer, or make-up. Your symptoms are controlled by a few simple changes in your skin care process.

Read to learn more about what causes your sensitive skin

Some indicators to look out for, and products to avoid


What causes sensitive skin?

1. Dry skin

The skin dries when you lose a lot of water and fat. This can cause your skin to:


Scale or flake

Feel rough to the touch

Cracking and bleeding

It looks red or it looks like ash

Dry skin can occur anywhere on your body, but it is more common




Lower legs

What you can do?

You can treat dry skin by replenishing moisture in the affected areas. Apply a moisturizing cream or ointment two to three times a day will help restore moisturize and prevent your skin from drying out in the future. Try using a fragrant free moisturizer designed for people with soft skin.

Products you can use

If you have dry skin, your skin care program should focus on the latter moisture.


Use a soap-free cleaning agent that will not clean healthy oil. Gentle Skin Cleanser is designed for the most sensitive skin.

Creamy moisturizer:

  • Face: A gentle, non-fragrant, creamy moisturizer can help keep the key inside moisturize and protect your skin throughout the day. Daily Hydrating Lotion can be a good choice. 
  • The body: Try natural oils that will not irritate your skin. Shea butter especially cool. 
  • Hands: Your hands are more vulnerable to dry winter air. Keep it soft again smooth with a powerful moisturizer dry Hand Cream.

2. Eczema

Eczema affects the ability of your skin to protect you from torment, such as airborne germs or chemicals in your laundry. This can make you more sensitive to products that don’t bother other people, like soap and cosmetics.

The sign of eczema vary from person to person. You might note any of the following:



Small bumps can leak liquid 

Red to brown skin patch

Immature, swollen skin

Thick, cracked or sensitive skin

What you can do?

Sometimes anti-itch and moisturizer are enough to reduce symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, see medical help provider.

Products you can use

If you have eczema, it is important to choose sensitive products that will not displease your skin:

Moisturizers: Try using a moisturizer, which contains ceramides. Ceramides can help build a protective layer over your skin.

Detergents: Try switching to a non-fragrance, hypoallergenic cleaner.

3. Allergic touch skin disease

Allergic contact skin disease is a common form of skin disease. That occurs when you have a sensitive reaction to a certain substance.

Sign include:


Bubble and bumps, sometimes containing liquid



Common allergens include:







What you can do

Try to determine the cause of your reaction avoid it in the future.

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